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Bad Cop, No Donut!

The Police in the US (and elsewhere) are out of control. They routinely exceed their authority, they regularly kill unarmed people of color, they lie to judges to get warrants, they plant evidence, they lie to juries, and they violate their oath of office every single day.

The Police in the US (and elsewhere) do this every single day because they know they will rarely (if ever) be held accountable or brought to justice.

This site aims to fulfill two purposes:

  1. Shine a light on the growing and significant (and systemic) policing problem we have in America.
  2. Act as a clearinghouse for others to report abuse and for researchers and the public.
  3. And possibly stem the all-too-often activity that when a bad cop is fired from one agency they are hired by the next town over where they can continue to terrorize the public.

All the information contained in this site is based on publicly reported and available information. Sources are listed. Citations are given.

This site does not traffic in gossip, innuendo, or conjecture.

This site does not condone violence or the call for violence against any individual or agency.

Resources available at this site:

  • Bad Cops! – List of bad cops in the news.
  • Victims – List of victims.
  • Bad Agencies! – List of police agencies with bad cops.
  • Bad Cities! – List of cities/ townships with bad cops.
  • Rape – Bad cops accused or convicted of rape.
  • Homicides – Bad cops accused or convicted of killing another person.
  • Misconduct – Bad cops accused or convicted of official misconduct. Could be excessive force. Could be planting evidence.
  • Animal Abuse – Bad cops accused or convicted of animal abuse. Usually means killing someone's dog for no reason.
  • Domestic Violence – Bad cops accused or convicted of domestic violence.

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