Victim of police harassment, stalking, sex trafficking, money laundering, and much more

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I am a victim who when I try to report the crimes happening to me am stopped by law enforcement who make no police on themselves. Would you report yourself if you’re the one committing the crimes? I have been hit physically. My home is broken into and robbed each time I leave my home. The police protect the dealership owners of where I leased my vehicle. By this, I mean this is how I was set up to become a victim. This is how all my personal info was obtained. My mail when mailed never reaches it’s destination. I am regularly under surveillance by police for no reason other than to harass me. I’ve had police roll into my driveway with masks covering their faces the exact time I’ve stepped foot out of my apt building. I have undercover detectives following me where I go, such as to a grocery store or doctor’s appt. They will actually park next to my car. I’ve almost been hit by police physically. I have been terrorized. I know for a fact that GPS monitoring is on my car through the owners of the dealership. My phone as no internet have been hacked. I get clicks in my phone. Anytime I try to go to law enforcement, there is an overseer sitting in the parking lot to make sure it does not happen. They’re connected. Cops have even witnessed me being terrorized and did nothing to stop it. I’ve been sexually assaulted in public. My car has been hit twice. I’ve been tailgated. Ive been surrounded for no reason. I need this to be stopped and not just swept under a rug. There needs to be accountability, as I’ve done nothing to deserve this. I will sometimes have a racist cop w/the Confederate flag on their truck parked next to me after coming from the store or place where I’ve visited. Please help me stop these and other acts of violence.




Just a concerned citizen disgusted and ashamed about the Police State we are living in and that the Police are rarely held accountable for their actions. I don't "hate cops". I hate what cops do. I hate that cops are not prosecuted for their crimes. I hate that cops routinely get away with murder.

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