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Racist Cops

Some cops (not all) are racists, and they’re not ashamed or afraid to show it. According to the Associated Press, researchers uncovered countless examples of racist and downright violent public posts from police officers across the Country:

“It’s a good day for a choke hold,” wrote an officer in Phoenix. A sergeant in Philadelphia commented that a young suspect should be “taken out back and put down like the rabid animal he is.” Another sergeant posted a meme that said, “Death to Islam.” In St. Louis, a police official shared a meme asserting that “if the Confederate flag is racist, then so is Black History Month.”

Police Chiefs and City Managers are publicly condemning this behavior, but will anything change? If you are racist, and if you feel that the public you serve is somehow “beneath you,” then you have no business, place, or reason to be a law enforcement officer.

The Police will continue to be hated in Communities as long as the Police feel they are better than the citizens they serve, and while everyone is entitled to Freedom of Speech, some opinions are better left kept to yourself.

Racist, violent posts by police: Departments investigating
archived 5 Jun 2019 23:26:23 UTC

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Just a concerned citizen disgusted and ashamed about the Police State we are living in and that the Police are rarely held accountable for their actions. I don't "hate cops". I hate what cops do. I hate that cops are not prosecuted for their crimes. I hate that cops routinely get away with murder.

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