“Justified” and “Reasonable”

Part of the problem with why Police are able to literally get away with murder is that their Captains, the Courts, the District Attorneys, the City Managers, the Mayors, the Review Boards, and the Public more often than not find their shootings to either be Justified or Reasonable.

Until this practice stops, and until We The People stand up and tell the Police that it is UNREASONABLE to shoot somebody 55 goddamn times, and that it is UNREASONABLE to not wear your city-issued body cameras, and that it is UNREASONABLE to plant evidence on victims, and that it is UNREASONABLE to lie and file false Police reports, and that is fucking UNREASONABLE to shoot so many UNARMED CIVILIANS!

Ever notice that the Police constantly say they “feared for their life” to justify their shootings? When in reality, being a Police Officer in The United States is one of the safest jobs anyone can have.

Do you know who also fears for their lives on a daily basis and are called to serve the Public and are placed in incredible danger each and every day? Firefighters. The weird thing is you don’t see them shooting anybody as they go about their day.

If you are a cop and fear for your life so much that the Police apparently do, then you have no business wearing a badge and certainly no business carrying a gun.


Police fired 55 times at Willie McCoy. An investigation called it ‘re…
archived 16 Jun 2019 03:31:38 UTC


Just a concerned citizen disgusted and ashamed about the Police State we are living in and that the Police are rarely held accountable for their actions. I don't "hate cops". I hate what cops do. I hate that cops are not prosecuted for their crimes. I hate that cops routinely get away with murder.

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