About Us

There are no good cops. Only bad cops that sometimes do good things.


These are the words that drive us. We use them because they are true.

Families and friends of cops will argue that their loved-one is a “good cop”. That their loved-one genuinely wants to help their community and “do good”. But they are only lying to themselves and to their Community.

There are no good cops.

If there were “good cops” then those “good cops” turn on the “bad apples” in their department.

If there were “good cops” they wouldn’t lie to suspects. They wouldn’t plant evidence. They wouldn’t fabricate evidence. They wouldn’t lie on their police reports, and they wouldn’t lie to Judges to get no-knock warrants.

There are no good cops.

If there were “good cops” they would treat all suspects equally. Blacks and whites. The poor and the rich.

There are no good cops.

If there were “good cops” they wouldn’t shoot unarmed citizens running away from them in the back.

Bad cops can and do good things.

Not every bad cop is a bad cop all the time. Most bad cops actually do good things sometimes. Whether it’s showing compassion or empathy, or simply recognizing that no justice will be served by enforcing an unjust law.

And just like a broken clock is still right twice-a-day, doing “good things” doesn’t magically turn a bad cop into a good cop.

We are fed up.

Simply put, we are fed up.

We are fed up with a Legal System without Justice.

We are fed up with news reports every day coming out of yet another unarmed black man murdered yet again by a society that refuses to hold the monsters within it accountable for their actions.

We are fed up with the abject lack of standards and qualifications for Police compared to the educational and training requirements of the Police in every other Western Democracy around the World.

We are fed up with the increased militarization of our Civilian Police force.

We are fed up that the Police rarely deploy de-escalation tactics, and more often than not escalate a situation themselves.

We are fed up that the Police often hide behind department “policies” and “standards” that provide umbrella protection for an officers’ misconduct.

And we are fed up that the Police are rarely — if ever — held accountable for their misconduct.

We are fed up with the fact that the Police act like their job is one of the most dangerous jobs in their Community when in fact being a Police Officer is the 25th most dangerous job.

Landscaping Supervisors, Crane Operators, Heavy Vehicle Mechanics, Maintenance Workers, Construction Equipment Operators, Construction Workers, Power Line Workers, Supervisors of Mechanics, Mining Machine Operators, Grounds Maintenance Workers, Highway Maintenance Workers, Construction Supervisors, Agricultural Workers, Cement Masons, Farmers, Iron Workers, Delivery Drivers, Farming Supervisors, Garbage Collectors, Crossing Guards, Construction Helpers, Roofers, Aircraft Pilots, and Loggers each has a more dangerous job than the Police.


Since Local and State Governments don’t have the willpower or the resources to hold the Police in their Community accountable, we the Body Politic will by publishing news, facts, and opinions that can’t be harassed, threatened, or intimidated away.

What we are doing is legal. Protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

And we are not afraid to stand up and shout from the roof-tops that Enough is Enough.