“Justified” and “Reasonable”

Part of the problem with why Police are able to literally get away with murder is that their Captains, the Courts, the District Attorneys, the City Managers, the Mayors, the Review Boards, and the Public more often than not find their shootings to either be Justified or Reasonable. Until this practice stops, and until We The People stand up and […]

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Know Your Rights

First and foremost: the police don’t talk to innocent people. If the police are talking to you, it already means they suspect you of committing a crime. They are simply looking for evidence or probable cause to arrest you at that point. The police can detain you briefly without an arrest. Of course, anything you […]

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Plainview Project

Racist Cops

Some cops (not all) are racists, and they’re not ashamed or afraid to show it. According to the Associated Press, researchers uncovered countless examples of racist and downright violent public posts from police officers across the Country: “It’s a good day for a choke hold,” wrote an officer in Phoenix. A sergeant in Philadelphia commented […]

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